The predator..becomes the prey

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The predator..becomes the prey Empty The predator..becomes the prey

Post  Jeff_Hardy1222 on Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:37 am

A video clip of Jeff_hardy1222 and Killer Dog's recent matches are shown on the Tron, with some of each of there best moments in R&RW. The clip fades away on the Tron.

Jeff_hardy1222 is seen in his locker room, pondering his stratergy at the PPV .

Esgaroth is seen entering, and put's a hand on Jeff's shoulder. Jeff get's a sudden shock.

The crowd errupts with cheers, as they see Esgaroth.

Jeff_hardy1222: Sorry, didn't see you there.

Esgaroth: It's my fault, sorry.

Jeff_hardy1222: So, what are you thinking of, if this is R&RW'S final show?

Esgaroth: I'm not sure, but I have faith that R&RW will survive.

Jeff_hardy1222: Well, this will probably be my last match here, no matter what..

Esgaroth:...Wha..what are you talking about?

Jeff_hardy1222: I'm leaving, but not without sending Killer Dog to the pound. We'l both be tied to eachother...and I'm going to be able to make sure he doesn't run away like the coward he is.

Esgaroth: Well, it's been one hell of a ride here, at R&RW..let's make it one show..that all the people at home, and in the crowd remember.

Jeff_hardy1222: At the PPV...the killer will be..killed!

The screen fades away.


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